Statutory Compliance

Managing regulatory risk through strict adherence ...

Australian Repossessions Services (ARS) ensures absolute compliance with the National Credit Code (NCC), National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP) and ACCC/ASIC Debt Collection Guideline (Guidelines) through thorough and regular training of staff/agents, combined with internal management systems to accurately identify, measure and facilitate compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and prescribed procedures.

ARS have employed the services of a Legal and Compliance consulting firm to further enhance compliance understanding and interpretation. Over the years the above codes and guidelines have gone through significant change and focus, forcing the industry to pay close attention and change practises accordingly. Teaming together, with both Clients and Compliance consultants, ARS have been able to clearly document its Operational Framework, including work instructions to complement Training of Sub-Agents and the day to day running of the Business.

ARS can provide peace of mind for their Clients when dealing with the complexities of Trespass laws of Consumer and Commercial loans alike, Customer contact guidelines and Privacy of Customer and Client information.

We want you to be rest assured...

All our staff are trained in their legal compliance obligations across the following topics:–

Safetrac National Consumer Credit Protection - Process Serving and Repossession

Safetrac Debt Collection

Safetrac Privacy - Process Serving and Repossession

Safetrac Work Health and Safety for Employees and Managers - Process Serving and Repossession

Course : Work Health & Safety - Process Serving and Repossession

Safetrac Code of Conduct

Safetrac Anti-Bullying and Harassment 

Safetrac Privacy Act - 2014
Module : Australian Privacy Principles (APP1 - APP8)
Module : Australian Privacy Principles (APP9 - APP13)

Safetrac Work Health & Safety - Managers

This training is provided by Safetrac, with all training content authored and maintained by MinterEllison Lawyers.

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